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30-Jul-2020 23:22

Stock options give employees the option to buy stock at a predetermined price.Usually, when a company grants stock options, the predetermined price refers to a future price, and the future price is usually higher than the current price.You'll need to undo the reconciliations for this period, or unlock your accounts first.

Each of your MYOB Essentials bank accounts can only be linked to one bank feed, so if an account has already been linked to a different bank feed, it won't be available in the dropdown list.

This backdating, while profitable, is illegal because options aren't meant to be a guarantee of profits but an incentive to work hard to improve the company and, hence, its stock price.

Backdating is cheating, making it look like stock options were granted in the past by changing the date.

When you've changed the linked account, all the transactions for the bank feed will be visible when you select the new linked account on the Bank transactions page. You can cancel a bank feed, either before your application has been processed, or after it’s been accepted and you’ve begun receiving data.

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You should only cancel a bank feed if you want to permanently stop the flow of data from your bank for the selected account.

How often your bank feeds are updated depends on your bank.