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02-Jul-2020 18:27

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If a decision has not been taken on your application for a residence permit, you cannot take out health insurance in the Netherlands, not even if you have an authorisation for temporary stay.

The insurance is only backdated as far as the 1st of the month during which you arrived.

Hi All This might be a silly question, but I've searched around a bit and can't find anything: I'm new to the country and have been here just over a month.

I'm trying to get insurance (telemed, as am young and healthy).

Then sent it in with a note attached saying the day we wanted the insurance to start. I've changed to Groupe Mutuel in 2016 'cause it's cheaper and my agent says their time for reimbursing medical expenses is 10-15 days compared to the 30-45 days of Assura. Some insurance companies do this and some are pretty rigorous in backdating the premiums to the date of registration. Group Mutuel will send everything in English if you ask them.

We didn't bother as we're fine with the French ones.It's been covered on here before and somebody (Odile I believe) contacted the relevant authorities in order to get a definitive answer.