Automotive online dating

11-Oct-2020 08:36

The reason these are so popular is that they have eliminated frustrations typical of a traditional experience by shifting things online.

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Many dealerships are beginning to implement programs and initiatives like this one, so now’s the time to get ahead with your automotive customer experience if you have the chance.

It helps your dealership provide discounts for shoppers willing to take a quick scroll through your specials*.

In addition to this, make it incredibly easy for people to use your specials.

These types of changes aren’t always the easiest to ace, and that is made even more difficult without the right support for the initiative.

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Speaking of digital, there are other opportunities to blend your online and offline customer experiences. These are available on your website, and often in special emails to customers, in opt-in texts, etc. Having a handy tablet in your parts or service department where customers can scroll through your coupons can be a neat idea.Some of these strategies take traditional offline automotive customer experiences and bring them to life online.