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12-Nov-2019 07:13

If you asked someone with autism how they find living in the world, they may say it’s overwhelming.Most people are equipped with the ability to get by in daily society, but those who are on the spectrum struggle to fit in.The question may be a little misleading, by no means would I assume most people would pass someone up just because he was autistic.That's not what I'm saying, I'm asking if anyone has ever met someone who's gay who was also on the autism spectrum?It is a lifelong developmental disability that affects the way someone makes sense of the world and communicates with the people around them.Related: What it’s like to deal with mental health issues when you’re LGBT The condition impacts social interaction, communication, personal interests and behaviour.

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Body language, facial expressions, spoken words, even emotions (from others, as well as my own) I sometimes misunderstand.

And, currently, there is no known cause of the condition – just as there is much debate about the biological characteristics of sexuality and gender issues.

While a lot of queer people are proud of who they are, there are others who struggle to come to terms with and understand their identity daily.

On June 18 every year, organisations around the world celebrate Autistic Pride Day, with events around the world, to connect with one another through autistic events and demonstrate to allistic people (those not on the autism spectrum) that autistic people are unique individuals who should not be seen as cases for treatment.

According to Kabie Brook, the co-founder of Autism Rights Group Highland (ARGH), "the most important thing to note about the day is that it is an autistic community event: it originated from and is still led by autistic people ourselves", i.e.For me, my autism is more mild, I have Asperger's, but I still have difficulty understanding others' behavior and tend to misinterpret communications.