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06-May-2020 17:18

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Just set your local time (towards the right part of the page) so that all the chat times appear in your local time zone.

The rooms for each chat correspond to rooms within the chat application (in some cases the ‘host’ will be creating his or her room at the time of the chat).

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Your email would have the scoring as an attachment and we have also sent you a trackback link where you can view your results in future.This test for autism in adults is quite extensive in terms of its coverage.During the test, you will be examined against multiple neuro-behavioral symptoms and your individual test responses would be measured against benchmarked patterns that our system has accurately established based on millions of responses collected from our previous test takes.Every now and then, this Autism test for adults may contain a set of questions that are primarily experimental in nature.

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Though these questions will not be scored during the Autism quotient assessment, as a test taker, you will not be able to distinguish between these experimental questions and the real ones.You are pretty much on the safe zone as the symptoms you display vary significantly from one person to another.