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Above all, it was appropriate for their way of life - ideally matched to the constraints of nomadic life.The modern notion of possessions is alien to traditional Aboriginal culture. The idea that an individual could 'own' land was foreign to Aboriginal thinking.

The basic idea was that it was impossible to rob Aboriginal people of land, as they'd previously never owned land.To the traditional Aborigine they are all sacred: environment is the essence of Australian Aboriginal godliness.Out of this deep reverence for nature Aborigines learned to live in remarkable harmony with the land and its animals.Over two centuries, the continent was progressively stolen from Aboriginal people.

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Settlers moved in and appropriated the overwhelming majority of Australia - either for private use or in the name of the British Crown.

In traditional Aboriginal belief systems, nature and landscape are comparable in importance to the bible in Christian culture.

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The couple met on the set of Cheaper By The Dozen 2 and started dating in July 2008.… continue reading »

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Neurobiologist Robert Sapolsky constructed a reproductive spectrum with opposite poles being tournament species, in which males compete fiercely for reproductive privileges with females, and pair bond arrangements, in which a male and female will bond for life.… continue reading »

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19 Regulatory Commission of 9,183,200 20 Alaska 21 DCCED State Facilities Rent 1,359,400 599,200 760,200 22 DCCED State Facilities Rent 1,359,400 23 * * * * * * * * * * 24 * * * * * Department of Corrections * * * * * 25 * * * * * * * * * * 26 Administration and Support 9,861,900 9,710,100 151,800 27 Office of the Commissioner 1,840,000 28 It is the intent of the legislature that the Commissioner of Corrections take full advantage of 29 the cost savings available through the tiered pricing structure as stated in the CRC contracts, 30 by maximizing prisoner placement into these facilities while prioritizing public safety.… continue reading »

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Syanbinian (Sün-bi/Hun-bi) Jujan lord Anakhuan, allied with Syanbinian (Sün-bi/Hun-bi) Eastern Wey, together with Eastern Wey's emperor Gao Khuan, and Togon's king Kualyuy, attack Syanbinian (Sün-bi/Hun-bi) Western Wey, but do not defeat Syanbinian (Sün-bi/Hun-bi) Western Wey decisively.… continue reading »

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When an organism dies, it stops taking in new carbon-14, and whatever is inside gradually decays into other elements.… continue reading »

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