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20-Jun-2020 12:22

As with creative visualizations, you might already say affirmations on a relatively frequent basis and be quite comfortable with using them to keep yourself on track.

However, could you introduce some new affirmations that are intimately related to the online dating process?

Or snaps of you in places where you felt blissful, and a picture of you that relates to a significant achievement.

If you need help with this, enlist one of the friends who knows you best and can tell you which images truly capture your spirit.

But if you’re primarily using dating sites to find love then it makes sense to give that experience center stage in your visualizations.

If you are unsure exactly what you are looking for in a relationship or partner, be sure to sign up for access to the official Law Of Attraction Love Tool Kit!

Alternatively, you might go for something more abstract, like a beautiful piece of rose quartz that represents love and can sit in the palm of your hand.

For example, you might start doing a daily visualization of the moment when you receive a message from someone who seems like they might be just right for you or try to imagine how you will feel in the minutes before you meet with this person in the flesh.

Once you’re past the online stage then you can adjust your visualizations again.

Learn how to manifest loving and meaningful relationships with these great worksheets.

It’s a wonderful idea to have a concrete reminder of what you’re aiming for when you’re working with the Law of Attraction; there are plenty of ways to approach this suggestion.You can make a collage of images cut out of magazines, or you can even opt of out of creating something and instead buy an object that connects you with your goals.

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