Are norman reedus and laurie holden dating

23-Feb-2020 03:05

I would love to do Broadway or a play in the West End next.

It really does kind of depend on the story and the people attached." Is it more difficult playing in something like by far is the hardest thing I have ever done.

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"We're the best of friends and we're the alpha females that have each other's backs and are willing to die for one another.My first impression of him is not a good one and it's a very complicated relationship.I loved working with David Morrissey; I loved every moment of it." You're separated from your old cast mates, but what was it like working with David and Danai and building up those relationships?But it's been wonderful because this is a season where Andrea is on her own and she's forced to make a lot of hard decisions - it's complex storytelling and the ramifications of her actions have severe consequences." What can you tell us about her interaction with The Governor (David Morrissey)?

"I can't say much, but what I can say is that there's a huge interaction between the two of them.For many reasons; a) we shoot in 110-degree heat and 100% humidity in Georgia.