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Trivia She graduated from high school when she was only 15 years old.

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I went on a first date to see a re-release of , and this guy was trying to make out with me during it. At the MTV Movie Awards a couple weeks ago, I was wearing a dress, and that red carpet is outside, and Victoria Justice was going before me on the red carpet. Reading it back to yourself, you're like "I should've done that! No, it can't be or why would I get this audition? Molly: (mocking) Yeah, they were probably like "We thought he was great for Alex, but his fly was down, and we realized…(laughter)__LOL!

I acknowledge that this is the most romantic movie of all time, but like, can we maybe bench the makeout? Apparently she's like the biggest star in the world, so everybody was just like "Victoria! " so I am just standing there, and a couple of reporters were just like "Hello." And then my skirt just flies up, and I was like "Take that Victoria Justice! "Molly: The best take is always the one after they've decided to stop shooting. So I did the audition scene, and they said "What's going on? " I was like "This is what I got." They were like "Alex is a chick." So, I read for a female role. Brett: (mocking) "Everyone thought I was a fat woman as a child.

In 2011, she became a member of MENSA International, the high IQ non-profit organization.

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I took the bite of spaghetti, and I slurped it up, and there was spaghetti sauce all over me. I thought she was going to want to take a picture—she was probably in middle school or something—and I took a picture with her mom. Molly: I have another one though, it's pretty good. " I was like "I know, like a Kardashian or something." And she goes "That girl from !

Source: via Ifelicious on Pinterest Any scoop for season two? She was picking out scarves, and she asked "Which one do you like? " I never forget it because I got the haircut again. We take some pretty good ones on set that will never be seen, so don't ask. Molly: I have my childhood stuffed animal that lives in Los Angeles that has gone everywhere with me. He's always walking around in a bathrobe like Hugh Hefner.