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Brandon couldn’t stop himself from grabbing those hips, and forcing my body against him.

I moaned my need into his voracious kiss, lifted one leg and wrapped it behind him, undulating my crotch against his.

“Take a deep breath.” He said, his blue eyes an inch from mine, his lips brushing me as he spoke.

I smelled him with my nose, felt him with my skin, and when I turned my face upward, I tasted him with my tongue. It was older now, and there were differences, but this was mine. ” I exclaimed, “All those city people who used to call us sister-fucking-cow-tippers were right! The soft glow of the bioluminescence played across his features, painting his pointed nose, pronounced chin and high cheeks with a blue tinge, and exaggerating the color of his eyes. Let’s make retarded babies.” “Goddamn it, Angela.” Brandon groaned. “Your dirty-talk is just as good as your pickup lines.” Brandon said, ripping his belt off. ” “Comically terrible, and somewhat disturbing.” Brandon frowned, pushing his pants around his ankles.

I was sloppy, unpracticed with my new mouth, but I soon recovered those old instincts, and the memories of the flesh came roaring back. I blinked back my first tears, and I expressed my gratitude, my euphoria, and my love with all the passion I could bring. ” “When you’re a god, it’s just ‘keeping the bloodline pure.’” Brandon laughed, undoing his belt. I ran my hand through his strawberry-blonde hair, marveling at the texture of it. “Someone tune the banjo; the Sorenson twins are about to fuck.” I snickered, and jumped on his crotch, causing the both of us to tumble onto the couch, with me landing straddling his lap. “So, perfectly in character.” I smiled on Brandon’s lips as my hands slid into his boxers.

It crept up my spine, filtered through the base of my skull, and seeped cold euphoria into my brain, lowering my heartrate even more, making me languid and accepting. “I did.” Brandon smiled, tugging gently on the vine that had just imbedded itself into my nervous system.

“You didn’t need to do that to get what you want.” I grinned, biting my lip and shifting my naked hips for him.

They pushed into my belly, meandered beneath the flesh, and attached themselves to my vitals. I floated out of the body that had been my home for the past three days, and when I looked down at it, I felt a sense of loss.

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