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19-Aug-2020 17:54

““As a result of DJ Zinhle’s recent blog post, I feel the need to provide clarity on the allegations contained therein.

I would have preferred that this could have been dealt with privately.

I also received confirmation of all rumours through an honest conversation which I had with Kiernan, who confirmed that the affair had been going on for over 5 months.” “I have dealt with this and found peace with his choice.

After the release of our first statement regarding the separation I felt that there was no need to go into details about the reasons, however, after the continued public display of Kiernan and Bonang’s relationship as well as the commentary surrounding it, it has become important for me to affirm my power as a women, my strength of character, my continued focus on my work and my commitment to being a positive role model.” BONANG ISSUES OUT A STATEMENT However with all this being said Bonang has put out a statement stating that she is currently not involved in a relationship and she is aware of the allegations.

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AKA said on Twitter that DJ Zinhle had pushed him to the limit when she bought the T-shirt and posted a picture of herself wearing it. “Don’t let our silence fool you into thinking we don’t have s**t say. AKA, however, did say he would try to arrange a meeting with her family, only that they didn’t seem to get along with DJ Zinhle judging by their absence in her life.

However, there are those who also reminded Zinhle's defence force that the DJ is the one who brought her business to the public's knowledge.