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In fact, the most memorable parts are just the beautifully shot scenes of flying above the desert.

See more » This movie is a bit different than most, seeing as how it has no big special effects, complex plot, action, or heavy drama.

Mike Hagan is a pilot in passenger service and candidate for the honor "Best Pilot of the Year".

Nobody knows that he's got private sorrows - he's an alcoholic.

Everything comes to a head, (no pun intended) for Mike as he now must face the reality of his job, The Pilot!

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The story about an extremely talented and experienced pilot who also happens to be an alcoholic would be the set-up for the Robert Zemeckis feature Flight starring Denzel Washington (although Washington played a drug addict as well).

I gave her the ALPA list of pilot personality traits and asked her to mark those that described me. But the thought that I only possessed half of the traits on the ALPA list was a little discomforting, especially when I believe myself to be a pretty fair pilot and, even sporadically, a pilot of Grand Poobah proportions.