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06-Sep-2020 23:17

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He can finally sleep by around pm, but needs to be up at am to report for work an hour later.“Rest Time” is counted from the minute you shut down the plane to the minute you turn it back on, so while that may be eight hours, it’s definitely not all rest time. Pilots need to be focused and engaged the entire time, isn’t that how you’d want your pilot to be?If he got lucky, a more senior pilot would be out for the week and he had a “line”, which meant he knew his flight schedule for five consecutive days and was in a different hotel each night. S., Alex would be away for five days at a time and home for two. Now, flying for an international carrier, Alex is on duty and away flying for 23 days, then home for 8-9 consecutive days. Pilots are stationed at a base airport and often choose not to move their entire family there, thus the idea of Crash Pads.That’s right ladies and gents, I see my husband for about a week a month. destinations are limited, so he pays full fare to meet his airline in New York, Atlanta or Dallas, and then spends 16 hours to get all the way back to Taiwan before he can be the flying pilot. A Crash Pad is an apartment or home filled with bunk beds that holds as many pilots as possible.Often, to catch a flight back to work, he has to use one of his days off as a commuting day. For Alex, there were eight pilots in a two-bedroom apartment.Granted, they weren’t all there at the same time, but it’s no way for grown men to live.Friends ask me why Alex won’t just come back and work in the U. and this is what I tell them: Despite having 10 years of flying experience, Alex would have to return to work as a First Officer on reserve (see above) making less than half of his current pay.Pilots with less flight experience but longer company time will have priority over him in terms of schedule, plane size and promotions.

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So basically, once you get to a good place in your aviation career, stay there so you can grow; bouncing around is not ideal.

Yes, as a pilot and his wife, we are entitled to standby tickets. to New York costs 0 on standby and 0 full fare if you buy in advance. Save and be stuck at an airport all day waiting for a seat to open up? I’ve gotten screwed over far too many times and ended up paying more for a last-minute ticket. Their job is stressful and they aren’t appreciated within their industry.

Instead of full fare, you can pay a discounted rate plus taxes for any airline your company has an agreement with. Point is, standby can work if you are flexible and don’t have hotel reservations or a specific date to arrive or leave by, but be prepare to wait it out. But I’ll tell you that the most important thing I learned about pilots is that they are passionate; they love planes, they love to fly, and they love to talk about aviation.

I’ll admit it, I wasn’t really into my husband the first time I met him at a club.

But then he told me he was a pilot, and I was like, “Hello! Suddenly this man in front of me was now more attractive and interesting.

He isn’t tied down to a computer and catching up on work and he isn’t conference calling or replying to emails. Piloting isn’t a job, it’s a hobby, it’s a life choice and many of them – and their families – would have it no other way.