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I had to think for a second and then asked her "Wait is that what you said in French right before I walked out? When she is either excited or upset she seems to switch back to her first language, and then gets kind of upset or frustrated when I mention that I dont speak French and have no idea what she said. Shes a great girl otherwise and Im not knocking her language or anything.

" She had to think about herself for a sec but then answered "Probably". She made an annoyed little grunt but then continued with her game. Its just mildly annoying that she gets frustrated with me for not understanding a language I have no reason to have learned. TL; DR: Girlfriend tries occasionally to talk to me in French.

My dad was about to beat up my mom, throwing a few hits, it felt very very wrong to me so I (17F) scretly called the cops on him.

He had done a few hits and my mom did scream a lot, and she went to a different side of the house.

I like to think I am good father and husband that values family above all else.

I started a company from scratch that has provided us with a very comfortable life and the opportunity for my wife to stay home as her choice to raise the kids.

Despite owning a startup company, I make sure I am home by 430pm every day to help with the kids. Being a present father to my girls is extremely important to me.

Hell I can’t even remember the last time I saw any of my friends that don’t also have kids.

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When does it become bad to be sharing a bed and bedroom with my sister?

She asked so many questions while we laid in bed, I answered as best as I could.

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