Adult chat hartly nina plan dating game show of the 1990s

12-Jul-2020 08:19

Tear off my cloths throw me in bed, put my legs in the air and make me moan! i'm very easy to talk to so don't be shy with me , if you are a challenger, then you are in the perfect place.

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This DVD teeters on being educational and at the same time being a porn.Nina is very well spoken and seems very well educated.She touches upon cultural influences, emotional aspects of a womyn's sexuality.Who Should Watch It : Anybody who with a female lover or who plans on having a female lover sometime Who Should Avoid It: Gay men (and with the job Nina does here, Im not sure even they should avoid it!

) The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty good for the age of the feature and the DVD. I found it to be honest, original, straight forward and sexy all at the same time.If she isn’t blowing cocks and blowing away the fans in front of the camera, she’s schooling the new kids on the block behind it as director, which is great for starlets who need to be directed by one of their own.