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I went through some of the movements and was instructed to wrap the band around my back and perform some bench presses.

The tension of the big bands was pretty strong and I began to feel it in my triceps after a few reps.

Not only were the chains working for the squats, but all of our benches were going through the roof as well!

We were always used to slow, steady gains, but were now seeing dramatic increases in a very short time. Then about three years ago, Louie asked me to go to a basketball conference with him to check out some bands.

A few other guys joined the club in the following few years; their progress was slow but steady. I liked the idea of attaching chains to the bar, so me and Joe Amato decided to give it a try for our next meet.

We cycled the chains on our dynamic day for eight weeks. We both put 60 pounds on our squats and became the next two to join the 800-pound club. The chains were introduced to the rest of the gym and within the next year we had another six guys in the 800s.

If you spend all your time trying to reason why something will or will not work, then you may miss out on a great opportunity. It's taken us five years to figure out why we think chains and bands work.

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At Westside we've always taken the approach of "try it first, then figure out why second." I feel this is the correct way to train. If it doesn't work, well, you've still learned something.

Louie bought a bag full of bands and we were on our way.

While driving back to the gym I asked him what he was planning to do with them.

When we arrived at the conference, we found the vendor booth with the bands, which were being demonstrated for flexibility training.

I now thought Louie was going to introduce flexibility into our training.The name didn't matter; what mattered was if it worked or not.