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I think the evidence for this dynamic comes from women's continual complaints about there being "no good men", by which they mean the men that they're attracting are not at a comparable or higher mate value as they perceive themselves to be -- in other words, they're experiencing what a scientist would refer to as "selection effects" through their passivity by somehow mistakenly thinking they're encountering a random sampling of the male population, which they're not.Ok, so eventually the typical woman decides to "settle" (or not) for one of these suitors, who is maybe the best available of the lot, but not what she might be able to get if she were not passive and actually approached and pursued those who she found most desirable.

The come to resent their mates, and heap upon them their own feelings of inadequacy, self-punishment and rage.Those guys who are 7's or 8's aren't hitting on women who are 3's and 4's -- he'd likely be rejected anyway since such women would likely intuit correctly that he can do lots better and would only be interested in "using" her for a short term fling, that she'd stand no chance of keeping him when the inevitable 8 or 9 came by.