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Go change.”People use makeup and style as a form of creative expression, so any limit to this is oppression.Many abusers are possessive and want the victim to look less desirable to others.Maybe the victim simply isn’t in the mood ("But babe, it’s our anniversary! This type of psychological abuse is more akin to psychological warfare, as victims actually believe they are crazy. Cheating leaves the victim feeling inadequate, insecure and completely vulnerable."), or more commonly, the victim feels he or she owes the abuser ("We haven’t had sex in forever”). If crazy-making is psychological warfare, cheating is an atomic bomb. Any time someone is using any method to control or exert power over you, it’s abuse.

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Isolation is one of the most dangerous forms of abuse because it makes the victim so much more vulnerable.

As October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we would like to debunk some common misconceptions about abuse.